We value quality, communication, and customer satisfaction.


Custom Homes

Larry Skelton Homes has been a prominent home builder in the Houston area since 1989. Most of our subcontractors have been with us for decades and all are experts in their field, so you are sure to walk away with an expert quality home. We have built homes in Bellaire, West University, River Oaks, Meyerland, and other areas in Houston. Our goal at the end of the day is for you to walk away from this experience with the home of your dreams and for us to walk away with a satisfied customer.


Our goal with remodeling is no different than our goal with homebuilding. We want you to have a great experience and with as little stress and concern as possible. The trusted and experienced subcontractors that we use for new home construction are the same ones that will be working on remodeling your home. We get the job done the right way. We do not take shortcuts and we never sacrifice quality.

“Building a house is meant to be a dream come true and a pleasurable experience. You made it just that. We know so many people who have built homes, and everyone seems to have a horror story. We have nothing but good things to say about the construction of our home, and we truly believe that it's all from having the right builder -- you.” -David and Becca F.