“Beginning with our fist consultation, it was clear that we were working with someone who was not your typical builder. The open, trusting relationship we developed with Larry Skelton Homes was more like a partnership, and the result was a terrific, unique home that continues to be very special to us.

— Keith and Catherine H.

“We greatly appreciate their dedication and their hard work on this project. They are worthy representatives of your good will. We will continue to laud and magnify your name to our friends and colleagues.”

-David C. and Karen M.

“You not only build a perfect house, you make the experience a joyous one. From our very first meeting until the present every conversation with you has been a pleasant one. You have explained every option clearly and recommended what was in our best interest, not necessarily what was in your best interest. You always told us the whole truth. You even went out of your way to do things for us that were not required by the contract.”

-Don M.

“It was the second house that Larry constructed, and he was diligent in soliciting our comments on ways it could be improved. We've often looked at his homes during shows, and it is apparent he continues to exceed the high standard he set in ours. Larry has been charming and helpful with our settling into the neighborhood.”

-Edward M.